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ANVR is an Alternative Rock act from Cape Town, South Africa. Exploring different feels and moods, and geared towards telling stories and inspiring emotions, more than any specific style.

Sgt Pepper.jpg

Bruce Muguti, Sgt.Pepper - Long Street

Hey, what an amazing performance!

ANVR pulled in at Sgt Pepper, 194 Long Street.

Don’t have much to say other than to say that you are the way forward, keep up the good performance, you are the future… ANVR, YOU ROCK! Stay blessed, you are the next level!”

Regards, Bruce

Quay Four copy.png

Greg Verco, Quay Four - V&A Waterfront

“The “ANVR” experience is one of electricity, creativity and originality.

The industry is always looking for that new sound & flavour . . . and you are IT!

Your newly released cut, “Move Your” feet . . .  I’m convinced . . .  to be a HIT – good luck !

The Quay Four group wish you all the success & look forward to having ANVR appear live on the Quay Four S.A. Band Stand – supporting Original Local Music.

We will be following you . . . All the best,”

Warm Regards, Greg



"Overall, the EP is flawless. It’s incredible how ANVR decided to strip away other instrumental “flare,” proving just how much talent they truly have. This EP is a beautiful work of art and I love how intimate it is to the point where the listener can connect with the band."


"Each song is powerful in its own way with the vocals and guitar capturing the raw emotions of the lyrics..."

Texx and the city

"ANVR’s debut EP Live at Sunset Recording Studios is an intimate, delicate reminder of the power that can come from acoustic simplicity.".


"...which guides the song with great mastery, vocal strength and captivates the listener the ease he has in singing. Sometimes, he seems to be talking, he sings in a natural way, his voice is a great talent for him, a gift, which we can see in this song."

THe Other Side Reviews

"ANVR strips back their sound for the emotionally powerful yet beautifully melancholic Live at Sunset Recording Studios. Each song is powerful in its own way with the vocals and acoustic guitar capturing the raw emotions of the lyrics. The stories woven into the tracks are relatable and create a well of emotion in your chest."


Cape Town, South Africa

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